Earth Metal

Rare earth metals comprise a group of very powerful magnets containing minerals that have low elasticity. They include magnetite, manganese, osmium, strontium, silicon, yttrium and boron, as well as phosphorous and iron. Rare earth metal magnets are special due to their intricate design, which makes them difficult to create with conventional magnets. The rare earth… Continue reading Earth Metal

How to Find the Best Magnetic Name Badges

How to Find the Best Magnetic Name Badges If you have ever seen magnetic name badges used in company offices, you may have thought “This would be great if it was magnetic!” This is one of our most frequent questions from our clients. The truth is, they are correct. While not as glamorous as their metal counterparts, magnetic… Continue reading How to Find the Best Magnetic Name Badges

A Magnet Fishing Reel

Magnet fishing, also referred to as magnetic fishing kayaks, is searching for magnetic objects in open water to its fascination to pull them with a powerful neodymium magnet because they’re towed by the vessel using powerful motor. The item is typically a baitfish. This type of fishing is achieved by attaching a boat anchor to… Continue reading A Magnet Fishing Reel